This Candy Wrapper Insulted Allah's Name

Friday, October 16, 2015
Dapatkan: Game Flaguess

Uji wawasanmu seputar bendera negara yang ada didunia dengan game trivia ini


After sandals that insulting Allah's name now appears more Glacio brand products which also joined in insulting and abusing the name of Allah. A candy with the name Rainbow, which is producted by  PT Ultra Prima Abadi addressable at st. Raya Panjang Jiwo 48-50 panjang jiwo Surabaya.

These products are use  Allah's name as a joke with such spoofed. As written by Miko Abdurrahman.
I just found a form of insult against Allah at Rainbow candy wrapper that is produced by PT ultra prima abadi which addressed in st.raya panjang jiwo 48-50 panjang jiwo Surabaya. In the candy wrapper written the name of Allah in spoofed which in slang dictionary# 008 is defined as ‘Yaowo’ .. naudzubillah.. when we know that Allah's name is the name that should not be altered in any dictionary..Tell the world !! So that people know about it and came to the manufacturer, since it is insulting Islam
It looks like the case of PT. Pradipta Perkasa Makmur with sandals did not lessen this ignorance. PT. Pradipta Perkasa Makmur itself has been clarified and apologized, and its products have also been destroyed, and may subsequently PT Ultra Prima Abadi will do the same. Once this is possible there will be more companies that insulting Islam ?
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