A Father Crying for His Daughter Who Was Shot by Israel

Monday, October 12, 2015
Israel brutality seems like it will never stop, this time a female toddler named Rahaf Hassan who was 2 years old died with her mother Nour Hassan who 5 months pregnant as a result of air strikes by Israel on Sunday yesterday (11/10/2015).

In the video above it shows how sad the father when he saw the figure of his daughter who was lying lifeless, he was even calling her as if his daughter just fell asleep while saying "wake up dear, wake up ..." and then let the tears dried up for the umpteenth time.

People who saw this trying to calm him, but the father who also hurt not even stop his crying indeed he louder his crying and sobbed until coughing, He kissed his lovely daughter's cheeks and tightened his arms could not hold back the tears which existing in his eyes.

As if unwilling to leave his family, the father tightened his arms when someone wants to take his daughter while saying "Wait a minute ... please just a moment" stroked the top of his daughter head for the last time before it was interred.
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