Terrorists Releasing Shot at The Church of Charleston and 9 Killed

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Police arrested an armed terrorist who was involved in the shooting of nine people at a church in Charleston, on Wednesday (06/18/2015) in night local time.

Charleston Police Chief Gregory Mullen said, Dylann Roff was arrested in Shelby, North Carolina, about four hours from the incident. Local police said that he was driving a black Hyundai car with the vehicles’s number LGF330.

"He uses the typical T-shirt also the typical vehicles which had a very distinctive police's number," police said, quoted by CNN. Currently, the investigators are heading to inspect Roff Shelby.

The shooting took place at Episcopal Methodist Emmanuel African church in Charleston downtown  at 21.00, Wednesday night.

This church is a 150-year-old church that most of the people are black citizens. This church is one of the oldest in the US.

Mullen said, the shooting was a crime against a background of hatred.

"This crime is absolutely scandalous and unexpected because its done by someone who entered the church at the same time when people were praying and then kill them," added Mullen.

At least eight people were killed on the spot and another person died in hospital as a result of a shooting attack by terrorists. Police believe that this is a crime motivated by hatred for a particular group, in this case is for the black people.

Charleston police chief Greg Mullen said that nine people were killed, six of whom are women and three men. Three people survived, including a woman who received a chilling message from the shooter.

"He (terrorists) said, 'I will not kill you, I'll let you live, so they can tell them what happened,'" said Charleston NAACP President, Dot Scott told CNN. Scott says that he heard this from the victim's family.

The perpetrators had fled immediately after the incident. Police also distributed flyers to identify and arrest suspected terrorists. The latest news, Roof has been successfully arrested. Deborah Feyerick, senior of law enforcement officials and the investigation told to CNN that Roof now has been arrested and detained near Shelby, North Carolina.

When arrested, the suspect still carry weapons that were used to shoot the victims.

Armed violence and terrorism action often occurs in the US. Obama launched a program of arms control after several incidents of fatal shootings carried out by US citizens under age, such as the shootings at the high school Sandy Hook, Connecticut that killed 20 children, a shooting at movie theater in Colorado that killed 12 children and also a shooting in high school Marysville-Pilchuck High School which kill 3 children that occurred last month.

Some Obama gun control program includes background checks on gun sales, returning banned the sale of military weapons, banned the sale of the gun tube with a capacity of more than 10 rounds and tighten penalties for illegal gun sellers..

"US citizens do have the freedom to have weapons, but the safety of children is our responsibility," Obama said.

However, until now none of the proposed gun control program Obama, Congress approved. The fact is, terrorism action is not always synonymous with Muslim. It could have been done by the unexpected people.
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