Crashed Crane, Hundreds Pilgrim Became A Victim

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Great storm accompanied by torrential rain tiny beads of ice and high winds also the roar has hit the Holy Land Makkah Al Mukarammah, Friday afternoon (09/11/2015) started at 17:10 when Saudi Arabia.

The storm winds reached speeds of 200 kilometers per hour was causing a crane or heavy construction equipment fell and hit pilgrims who are around the tawaf place in Haram. A number of pilgrims is rumored to be a victim in the incident.

The latest news from the government of Mecca, the crash of heavy equipment projects in the Haram, Mecca, on Friday afternoon caused 87 people died and 184 others were injured. But there has been no news of pilgrims who are victims came from which country.

One of Indonesian newspapers have confirmed an Indonesian pilgrims who came from Medan, Sumatra Utara has become victim of the fall of the heavy equipment.

Additional information is also mentioned there were 11 pilgrims from Indonesia who also became victims of the falling crane (heavy equipment projects) building that happened in Haram, Mecca.

Of those injured, at least nine people are reported to be Indian pilgrims, foreign ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup tweeted.

"Our Consulate in Jeddah is monitoring situation in Makkah following tragic accident. We have received reports that 9 Indian pilgrims are injured," Swaroop said.

At this time, the government is preparing for the arrival of hundreds Mecca pilgrims from around the world to carry out the annual pilgrimage which began on 21 september.

In 2013 the Saudi government limits the number of pilgrims who worship because large quantities can cause trampled pilgrims incidents as happened in 2006 which claimed 350 lives died.

The news a few days ago an Indonesian pilgrims, origin East Kutai Regency, Yasin Young Sulaiman, died of exhaustion after a long journey and pilgrimage holy land of Mecca on Wednesday (09/09/2015) in local time.

Hopefully, the implementation of the pilgrimage this year was not claimed many victims, and may God facilitate worship every pilgrim. We as fellow Muslims do not forget to pray to Mecca.
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